2017 Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball Summary of Contest Rules

(Disclaimer: This summary does not purport to be a complete description of, and is subject to, the complete Contest Rules, which are located at www.honusbonus.com/rules. In the event of a conflict between this summary and the Contest Rules, the Contest Rules shall control, so please read them carefully.)

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Collect game cards and enter unique scratch off codes (which appear on the backs of the cards), or use the alternative free method described in the Contest Rules, to create and add players to your online collection, beginning March 29th (launch date).

Each entry must consist of 30 players based on the following position requirements: 13 pitchers, 6 outfielders, 2 first basemen, 2 second basemen, 2 third basemen, 2 shortstops, 2 catchers and 1 DH/utility hitter (any hitter).

Each entry may have no more than one player at any time from each of the 30 locations corresponding to MLBPA players’ professional baseball team locations. For example, you could include Dustin Pedroia or David Price in an entry, but not both, since they are from Boston. Similarly, you could only have Jose Bautista or Josh Donaldson from Toronto in the same entry, but not both. To be eligible, an entry must be entered prior to the start of the game period corresponding to the monthly game you wish to enter.

You may make changes to any of your entries at any time during any monthly game period that has not concluded, as long as you adhere to the location and position requirements detailed above. There is no limit to the number of player changes you may make to an entry, but each game card/code may be used one time only. There are no fees for making player changes.

Each entry will be ranked based on 12 statistical categories of the hitters and pitchers in that entry, verses those of all other entries in that game period. The 12 statistical categories include Batting Average, Home Runs, RBI, Runs, Stolen Bases and OPS for hitters; and Wins, Saves, Holds, Strikeouts, WHIP and ERA for pitchers. You may only accumulate statistics for players who are currently active in any of your entries. No statistics may be applied to a given player’s record retroactively, i.e., if you add that player to an entry after the start of a game period.

Total cash prizes of more than $5,000 will be awarded in each monthly game. Please visit www.honusbonus.com/prizes for a complete list of monthly prizes.

For complete Contest Rules, visit www.honusbonus.com/rules.


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